Publishing Futures 2013 Overview

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Rising profitability & confidence.

The “Publishing Futures 2013″ survey revealed an increase in the number of companies showing growth in both turnover and profit as the industry moves from a position of cost-cutting to cost control, and from a more internal focus on reorganisation to a more external focus on income generation.

A total of 51% of companies reported turnover growth for 2012, while 26% reported a decline. This resulted in a positive balance of 25%.

This balance figure rises to 44% when respondents were asked to forecast turnover for 2013, indicating a rise in confidence year-on-year.

Publishing Futures analyses the performance of consumer magazine and business information publishers in the key areas of advertising, circulation, digital, marketing, and strategy, considering both current and future performance.

With regard to profitability for 2012, the balance of companies stands at 61%, holding steady when compared with the previous year’s figure but rising markedly to 83% when looking forward to the end of 2013.

This improved performance is reflected in publisher confidence levels which, at 8.4 out of a maximum of 10, are up strongly year-on-year. Overall, 47% stated that they felt more confident than a year ago.

Barry McIlheney, PPA CEO, said: “As our industry’s bellwether, Publishing Futures paints a clear picture of the challenges and opportunities facing publishers in 2013.

“The survey shows how, in the context of a wider and sustained economic malaise, businesses are successfully remodelling themselves to balance the shifting income from print and digital channels.

“The sector today is emerging as more efficient, more confident, and more focussed on growing revenues.”

Jim Bilton, Managing Director of Wessenden Marketing and author of the report, said: “It is clear that the industry is at an important transitional point in 2013.

“Three years ago, Publishing Futures reflected the industry’s fear of structural decline as revenue streams became increasingly unstable.

“Today, those fears are easing – publishers have worked hard to adapt their businesses to a difficult economic landscape while consolidating new revenue opportunities.”

About Publishing Futures

Publishing Futures is an annual bellwether survey from the PPA carried out and produced by Wessenden Marketing. The 2013 survey is the fourth in the project’s history and comprises data from 96 UK consumer, business and digital publishers that are responsible for over 5,100 branded activities.

Download the Report

The Publishing Futures report and an edited executive summary are available free to PPA members. To request a copy contact Director of Circulation & Member Services Nicola Rowe by email.

The report is available for non-members to purchase for £495+VAT. For further details contact Nicola Rowe.


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