Reaction to the Mary Portas Retail Review

Retail — By on 15/01/2012 12:07 am

The future of the town centre is of massive importance newspapers and magazines. Commissioning the Queen of Shops to undertake a review of the High Street was a smart PR move. Yet is it any more than that?

“The core thrust is of a constructive agenda. The affordability of business rates, parking and the leadership vision are exactly the right way to go….The vast majority of recommendations are pretty closely aligned with our policy objectives.‖
Tom Ironside, British Retail Consortium

“An incredibly positive report….a very good job of telling it as it is. For too long, high street businesses have been treated as a bottomless pit by land-lords and local authorities.”
Jonathan James, Chairman, Association of Convenience Stores

“It’s been a good PR exercise, but smacks of someone who has realised that the problems are way beyond any of the answers she can provide. There are lots of micro solutions to a macro problem and the report ignores the huge structural shift in consumer habits, not least the huge shift to online.”
Dan Coen, Senior Associate, Zolfo Cooper

“There’s an incredible amount of bullshit in it. Not least, there’s this great myth in all this that by having lots of independent retailers coming into town centres, you’ll be selling lots of different stuff. All you’ll get is more retailers selling the same stuff more expensively. There is the delicious irony about all this coming from the woman who has been doing the PR for Westfield”
An unnamed supermarket source


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