The world of press: shrinking and challenging

The world of press: shrinking and challenging

Distripress commissioned Wessenden Marketing to track the sales trends in newspapers and magazines around the world and then to zoom in on the key issues facing companies involved in the distribution of international press products.  The key messages of the “Distripress Circulation Monitor ” are…..

The decline of print copy retail sales is accelerating in the face of massive digital disruption and of a slow, but clear shift from the retail channel into subscriptions.  Yet the physical distribution of the international press remains a significant niche in global publishing with a 6% share of total press sales. 

The key players in the supply chain have to be much more proactive at the front-end, particularly in protecting and developing retail display space rather than focusing purely on back-end processes or passively managing declining retail universes.  Maintaining viable supply chains around the world is essential, but this needs to be done at the same time as stimulating the front-end consumer contact points.

Yet the despite all the challenges, there are some growth markets.  In addition, in the face of these pressures, the mood of the industry is actually relatively positive: one of steely realism rather than panic, with 39% of Distripress members seeing growth or stability in their businesses rather than decline. 

The conclusion is that it is time for the industry to manage the undoubted turbulence in the market more creatively rather than to be resigned to terminal decline.  Also, despite ongoing differences in retail profiles in particular, the major countries are becoming increasingly similar in terms of the challenges and trends in newspaper and magazine sales.   

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