Wessenden Briefing: Latest Issue

Wessenden Briefing: Latest Issue

Wessenden Briefing: Latest Issue

Issue 176 (November 2014)

News Review: the month’s key events in focus

  • Key indicators
  • Publishing
  • Middlemen
  • Retailing
  • Direct + digital
  • Finance round-up


Inside Worldwide Magazine Distribution

How this operation drives magazines into niche and specialist retailers.


The UK press retailing universe

The number of retailers selling newspapers and magazines continues to slide downwards.  Is this a concern?  And if so, what should be done about it?


Distributor & bureau finances

They are all facing declining margins in a very challenging market.  So, what does that mean for their long-term future?


Newssolutions for the industry

News UK is opening up its operation to allow third party publishers to buy into it.  What are they up to and why are they doing it?


Digital magazines one year on

They simply have not been the success that everyone had hoped for.  PPA’s data consolidation project shows how they work and what the future might be.


PPA Customer Direct 2014

Personalisation.  Discovery.  Simplicity.  There were the watchwords from this year’s conference which provides a real insight into what the big issues of the day are for subscriptions.