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The latest Wessenden news is on our home page, but here is a selection of press coverage going back a few months……  


“Subscription Marketing 2010″

It has been quite a year on the newsstands. Yet behind all the drama and politics of retail, subscriptions continue quietly to increase their share of copy sales. However, the subscription function has been subject to the same pressures and strains as the rest of the publishing organisation……..click here to see the full article http://www.inpublishing.co.uk/kb/articles/subscription_marketing_2010.aspx  


“Report shows rapid fall in indies share of mag market”
The full impact of the rapid decline in independent retailers’ share of the magazine market has been revealed in figures from Wessenden Marketing. In the third quarter of 2009, the independent sector’s market share fell from 30% to 27.8% compared with the same period in 2008……”The independent sector’s market share decline shows no sign of slowing down,” said Jim Bilton managing director of Wessenden Marketing, which published the results in Circulation Briefing. “Yet magazines are still massively important to the independent retailer and they still have a place in the consumer’s mind….”


“Research provides publishing insight”
UK publishing expert Jim Bilton addressed publishers in Sydney and Melbourne last week refuting the perception that magazines “are all heading to the cemetery”. Jim Bilton, managing director of Wessenden Marketing & Brandlab Research, which has just completed two landmark studies of 190 UK publishers who between them manage thousands of newspapers and magazines. He shared the findings of the surveys – called 2009 Publishing Futures and Subscription Marketing Practice – at a breakfast briefing “Survival of the Fastest”, hosted by Australia Post….. Click here to see the full article.     


 THE GUARDIAN – “Subscriptions offer a lifeline to nationals”
October was a surprisingly good month for national newspapers. Let me explain. The total market declined in the first half of the year by -5%. This rate slowed in the summer to -3%, but then speeded up again in September to -5.1%. So October’s -3.7% year-on-year fall is something of a relief, especially given that comparisons are with a period of intense DVD promotions….Click here to see the full article. 


THE GUARDIAN – “Lily Allen beats Barack Obama and Beth Ditto for best magazine cover”
A Q magazine cover featuring Lily Allen and a pair of panthers has beaten Barack Obama and a naked Beth Ditto to win the top prize at the inaugural “Maggie” awards for best magazine cover of the year. The Bauer Media music title’s April 2009 issue was the overall winner of the online awards, in which more than 30,000 people voted…….. Judging panel chairman Jim Bilton, a magazine industry veteran and managing partner of Wessenden Marketing, said: “A stunning image, strong cover lines with clear typography and an excellent ‘greatest’ list prominently highlighted all adds up to a winning cover creatively and commercially, producing one of the highest copy sales of the year. Lily wasn’t a core artist for the Q readership and had heavy media coverage at the time. The solution – add panthers and a creative photo shoot – produced a truly memorable result which is our favourite cover this year.”…..Click here to see the full article.


 THE GUARDIAN – “Newspaper sales steady despite airline turbulence”
Airline copies are as claimed by the publisher and are subject to further verification.” That is ABC’s non-comment on the ongoing Dawson inflight affair. The auditors are still crawling over the wholesaler to assess apparent irregularities in the supply of newspapers for inflight reading. Yet beyond that investigation, the March ABCs are actually quite positive……Click here to see the full article. 

THE GUARDIAN – “Cycles, trends and wobbles”
The consumer magazine business is currently grim – but not necessarily for all the obvious reasons. The underlying fundamentals of the industry started to weaken well before the recession, and the worsening economy is only one part of a complex mix of cycles, trends and wobbles. Cycles are relatively easy to spot as they keep on recurring………….
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