mediafutures is an annual benchmarking project, now in its ninth year, undertaken by Wessenden Marketing in partnership with InPublishing and with CDS Global as the strategic partner.

The definitive benchmarks

With 84 companies taking part in the latest 2018/19 survey, it has become the definitive measure of the shape and direction of the media business…..What are the trends, challenges and opportunities in all the key revenue streams? What are profits and productivity looking like? How is change being managed within the organisation? And how is the tech challenge being handled?….The result is a powerful diagnostic and analysis tool for media companies facing unprecedented change.

The project generates a mass of granular data from across a wide range of companies: Consumer Magazines, B2B, News Media and Customer Publishing. They range in size from the major industry players through to smaller, independent companies. Some are traditional “publishers”, while others are digital pure plays. Yet all are trying to manage disruptive change. Also, every company, however young, has a “legacy” of some description – boundaries, limitations and barriers which need to be blasted away to grow and prosper.

Near future rather than far future

A key element of the benchmarking process is getting senior media executives to share what is in their budgets for the next two years. So, this is not the “blue skies” of talking heads or futurologists, but what industry insiders are prioritising and implementing now.

The Performance Accelerator

The end result is not a glossy report, but a usable toolkit of key ratios (the Performance Accelerator) which can be used instantly in any media business. The key variables are the same in any organisation and fall into three broad sections: Revenues, Organisation and Performance.

Other practical outputs

The media companies taking part in the project receive a copy of the full report free of charge. Companies outside this group can pay £995 for a copy.

In addition, any company can also pay for:
• mediafuturesLIVE: a tailored presentation of the results created for an individual organisation – ranging from a presentation at a strategy day to a full day workshop and team-building session. Contact Jim Bilton to talk through your options (
• mediahub is a networking club of industry peers who meet to share their experiences of the issues highlighted in the mediafutures project: click here for more details.

CDS Global is the strategic partner supporting the mediafutures survey & the mediahub networking club. Click here for more details of their services.


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