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Reimagining the Magazine Subscription

Based on several phases of research, a survey of how consumer attitudes to the magazine subscription are changing in a market where the Recurring Revenue Model is becoming much more widely used.

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Publishing Futures 2016

An overview of where the magazine publishing/media business thinks it is heading: future prospects, opportunities and threats.

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Subscription Futures 2016

A benchmarking survey of 48 magazine publishers, both Consumer and B2B, showing how the magazine industry is approaching the subscription challenge in terms of organisational structures, staffing, budgets and marketing practices.

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Why Magazines Matter

Commissioned by the PPA, a model of how to grow magazine sales through the retail channel.

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Distripress Circulation Monitor 2017

An overview of print press sales trends around the world, both newspapers and magazines, and the key issues facing those companies involved in distributing press products across national borders.

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Successful Point of Sale Promotions

A presentation to the German magazine publishers association about the current global trends in magazine retail promotions.

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Archived reports & presentations

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SUBSCRIBER SERVICE SURVEY.  The survey polls the views of 144,000 active subscribers across 499 magazines published by 62 publishers as to how they feel about their magazine subscription and the customer journey from acquisition to renewal.  

5 TOP TIPS FOR SURVIVING IN THE DIGITAL WORLD.  An InPublishing webinar where Jim Bilton outlines the five key things that a publisher needs to know in order to turn the digital “to do” list into a real digital strategy.  

EUROPEAN DIGITAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE TO 2020: The Future of Paper & Print.  Commissioned by The Stationers’ Company, the report forecasts the future paper consumption of five sectors: Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Advertising & Commercial and Office & Business.  

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DIGITAL SUBSCRIBER SURVEY.  A pilot survey which polls the views of active subscribers about their usage of digital editions and publisher websites

SUBSCRIPTION MODELS ACROSS A DIGITAL WORLD.  The report looks at subscription marketing practice around the world to set UK publisher models in a global context.

BUSINESS MODELS FOR A DIGITAL WORLD.  Comparing the best of UK publisher subscription practice with what companies in other Media & Entertainment sectors are doing. 

THE POWER OF MAGAZINES.  A summary of what the key retail multiple groups think about the News + Magazines category.

THE SINGLE SUBSCRIPTION VIEW.  Sponsored by Royal Mail, the project pooled 4.3m active subscriber records across 9 of the UK’s leading consumer magazine publishers to gain a unique profile of the current subscription market.

BEYOND THE SUBSCRIPTION: Tracking the Customer Journey.  B2B research on how customer journey disciplines are being used in a range of industries and how they apply to magazine publishers.

THE LOYALTY CHALLENGE: How Consumer Magazine Subscriptions Work.  Consumer research, qualitative & quantitative, investigating why subscribers subscribe and why non-subscribers do not.

HOW MAGAZINES WORK AT RETAIL.  Consumer research, qualitative & quantitative, looking at how and why shoppers choose the magazines they do in-store.

MAGAZINES IN A SUPERMARKET ECONOMY.  A review of the role of supermarkets in general consumer shopping patterns, how that is impacting on magazines and what publishers need to do in response.

SPECIALIST MAGAZINE PUBLISHERS.  A survey of the specialist consumer magazine business with a benchmarking of publisher practices and attitudes.

PPA RETAIL PROMOTIONAL SPEND STUDY.  A survey of how much money the major publishers and distributors are spending on retail schemes and with whom.

MAGAZINES & THE INDEPENDENT RETAILER.  The complete overview of how independent retailers operate and what the magazine consumer thinks of them.

MAGAZINES & THE MULTIPLE RETAILER.  Interviews with consumers about how they shop for magazines in high street and supermarket outlets and how this differs from independent newsagents.

CONSUMER MAGAZINE PROMOTIONS.  A survey of how magazine publishers spend their money to boost copy sales.

SIZING THE VALUE OF EPOS TO THE MAGAZINE SUPPLY CHAIN.  The definitive statement as to the real value of EPOS to the supply chain.

BRANDING FOR TOMORROW’S PUBLISHER.  Brand assessment techniques for magazine publishers with a review of the organisational implications of branding.