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Keep on keeping on.

2021 is going to be a longer trudge than anyone anticipated. Or as someone recently put it, “2020 has turned into an 18 month year – 2021 is 2020 Part 2”. The Big Picture is the editorial comment page from… Read more

2021: The year of efficiency

“Productivity” is a word that conjures up many images – most of them negative.  Time & Motion studies. Bean-counters with clipboards. Stripping cost out of factory processes.  Reducing people and creativity to numbers and ratios, before trying to make staff… Read more

Magazines still have a future. But…..

Magazines still have a future.  But it’s very different from their past. First published in What’s New in Publishing Wessenden Marketing, the UK insights consultancy and author of the annual mediafutures survey, has released its overview of the UK magazine… Read more
Wessenden News

Change, innovation & opportunity in global press distribution

The press supply chain for both newspapers and magazines (N&M) is facing unprecedented pressure around the world. Yet the industry is squaring up to the challenges and is accelerating changes in how it operates with speed and often great creativity.… Read more

From panic to structure

The initial media response to the pandemic was utter panic.  Yet after the first flurry of hyperactivity, things have settled down to something that is more measured, strategic and planned – although everything is still being executed at high speed,… Read more