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What 2021 holds

In 2009, the UK consultant Jim Bilton started publishing his annual mediafutures survey. It benchmarked the performance, promise and pitfalls of the country’s publishers. Eleven years later, it still does. A growing audience of CEOs, publishers, research directors, and professional… Read more
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Change in the news & mags supply chain

The “Global Distribution Tracker” (GDT), undertaken on behalf of Distripress by Wessenden Marketing, is a new programme which gathers global data and polls the views of international supply chain players. The GDT Pulse Update During the Summer, the global press… Read more

mediafutures INTERNATIONAL launch

The mediafutures benchmarking project, now in its eleventh year, goes international with two new partners. Since 2009, Wessenden Marketing has been tracking the changes in the UK publishing and media industry through its annual mediafutures project.  The unique aspect of mediafutures… Read more

Surfing the Media Third Wave

As consumers enter the Second Wave of the pandemic, the media business is moving into its Third Wave in 2020.  That is one of the key findings of Wessenden Marketing’s latest mediafutures report. Three business waves for media companies in… Read more

Still rebooting media

We are still in the middle of the reboot which is reshaping the whole media business.  The nation is also still grappling with a number of wobbly health and economic variables, all of which will impact on how we do… Read more