What is mediahub?

mediahub is a “hard-network”: a membership club for media executives.  It provides peer-to-peer experience-sharing based on hard data, benchmarking and analysis generated by Wessenden Marketing. The core of the club is publishingfutures: an annual benchmarking survey, now in its eighth year, which is supplemented by regular Tracker Updates through the year. The benefits of the club are detailed below and include reports & updates, networking events and diagnostic business assessments….everything you need to stay ahead in a changing media world.

Who is mediahub for?

CEOs, CFOs, CMOs and senior media executives involved in shaping the strategic direction of their company.

Which companies are involved?

99 companies have already participated in the publishingfutures benchmarking survey from the following sectors: Consumer Magazines, B2B, News Media and Customer Publishing. They range in size from the major industry players such as Trinity Mirror, Time Inc, Bauer, Immediate, Hearst and Dennis through to small, independents.

Reports & updates

(free to all survey participants)
  • Results Briefing.  A 90 minute overview of the publishingfutures results + a copy of the presentation slide deck.
  • Results Overview Report.  A detailed analysis of the key variables from publishingfutures which drive every media operation.
  • Tracker Report updates.  Quarterly updates of the industry’s key indicators & confidence levels.
  • Whitepapers. Zooming in on specific publishing issues.

Networking events

(subscriber only) Interactive, peer-to-peer, events dealing with key topics from publishingfutures in a range of formats: breakfast briefings, roundtable discussions, interactive workshops, invitation-only CEO summits. mediahub subscribers get privileged access to up to four events per year.

Scheduled networking events

CEO Summit: Under the bonnet of Hyundai.

Question Tony Whitehorn, CEO of Hyundai, as he talks about the car manufacturer’s usage of and views on media, where the automotive market is going, how he drove the transformation of a very traditional organisation and whether the car is about to become a major new media platform.

CEO Summit: The audience challenge.

With pressures building in every channel to the customer, how do you build a coherent and holistic strategy that unites retail, subscriptions, digital, free distribution and direct-to-consumer? What are the issues? Where are the pitfalls? And what are the audience metrics that work across all channels and platforms?

CEO Summit: Nurturing the money tree.

Three key threads….financing the core business (smarter ways to fund change & investment)…..productivity (making the business run more efficiently)….M&A (what is going on at the moment and what to look out for in both buying & selling).

Roundtable: Driving change in the organisation.

Operational structures, internal processes, leadership vision, staff culture & skills….how do you mesh all these together into a practical action plan to drive real change in your business?

Other networking events for later in 2018

  • Building the tech platform to support a flexing business.
  • Ecommerce top tips.
  • Live event top tips.
  • Managing the digital shift & growing the audience footprint.
  • Diversifying the revenue streams without killing the business.
  • Half-day workshops on subscription marketing and retail strategy.

Diagnostic business assessments

(subscriber only) Diagnostic Insight. A review of your business based on your own publishingfutures benchmarking responses which includes a one hour phone consultancy. Full Fitness Monitor. A workshop session, held on-site, led by Wessenden Marketing. A detailed and interactive review of your business involving your own team: creating an action plan for your business, assessing your progress to date and getting “buy in” from your staff.

How much does mediahub cost?

By pooling their data into the publishingfutures benchmarking project, participants automatically become members of mediahub and receive back the topline overview of the results free of charge. To dig deeper into the data, an annual subscription opens up the full range of benefits detailed above – everything a publisher needs to stay ahead in a changing media world.    

What is publishingfutures?

Now in its eighth year, it is the definitive benchmark of what is happening in the publishing and media business. What are the trends, challenges and opportunities in all the key revenue streams? What are profits and productivity looking like? How is change being driven within the organisation? How is the tech challenge being managed? And what will the business look like in two years’ time? For some “bite size” insights into the detail of the project, go to the following news items...