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6 hot mediatech developments disrupting the industry

As the publishing industry becomes increasingly digitised, technological innovations happen at a more rapid pace as each day passes.”It’s a relentlessly fast, totally unpredictable, noisy business which is driven by tech developments,” says Jim Bilton, managing director of Wessenden Marketing.… Read more
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Transformational versus binary

Sainsbury’s announced its mega-merger with Asda as “transformational”: that the linking of the two companies will produce a dynamic and innovative new force in retailing. Yet many commentators are suggesting that the deal is much more binary than that: a… Read more
publishingfutures 2017

PUBLISHINGFUTURES 2017: The magic of organisation change

The publishingfutures project is built around three core modules: • Front-end REVENUES: where the money is coming from and how that revenue profile is changing. • Back-end PERFORMANCE outputs: the key metrics are turnover growth, profitability, productivity and corporate confidence.… Read more
Wessenden News

Jim Bilton interviewed on The Stack

Jim Bilton authored a major report for Distripress looking at what is happening in press distribution around the world, the Distripress Circulation Monitor. Click here to listen to the radio interview. Click here to learn more about the Distripress Circulation… Read more